One of my biggest mistakes. Hell, being in a committed relationship altogether is a huge mistake. It's not that I have a problem with staying faithful. I hate living with another person who is not family. Then there is his side of the family. Which at this point I really don't care if they hate... Continue Reading →

How fair is it…???

How fair is it for the "man" to have control of the money of the house? Even if the woman/wife is a stay at home woman ? How fair is it that the man has control over what bills are paid when and how money is spent? In my situation, the way I see it,... Continue Reading →


So we recently got our tax check. I told Nick that when I got it (because I direct deposited it to my checking account) that I was going to pay off all of our bills and get us current on everything. He didn't have to worry about any bills during the month of March other... Continue Reading →


Dear Life, Why is it that when you finally get a day to be alone everyone wants to get ahold of you? On my ONE day that I don't have kids throughout school hours, I want it to be quiet. I don't want to hear my phone constantly going off, and I sure as hell... Continue Reading →


I haven't been very adamant about blogging on here. I want to become better. I think I'm going to start doing my posts as 'Dear Life' and just talk about how my day went. Help clear my head at night and get me talking more. I am going to start referring to my husband as... Continue Reading →

Separation Issues

My husband has the worst issue with doing something by himself. It gets annoying! Even if he is just running to the store for something real quick he wants me to go if we don't have the kids. When we have the kids he would rather run real quick by himself and almost always refuses... Continue Reading →


SO... My two stepdaughters' mom is good at breaking people off for the stupidest reasons or if they are no longer beneficial to her. Her mother included. My husband gets along with her mother, we have ran into her a few times and talked since we have been together. She showed an interest in wanting... Continue Reading →

Been Awhile

So I realize we have posted in awhile, everything has been going good for the most part. My oldest stepdaughter is FINALLY adjusting to life around here. I think it is partly to do with the fact that she hasn't been around her mom as much lately that she can finally lead her life without... Continue Reading →

One Step Forward 

Well after the last couple of emotional days I was finally able to get up and dressed today. I don't know if I will be able to pull together to do much more but at least I got dressed! Was finally able to talk to the husband about the baby. Of course he had some... Continue Reading →

Another Baby

Honestly, I can't think of a good title for this one. I'm going to be an aunt again. Quite frankly it upsets me. I have been trying for a year now and they haven't been trying and she just got her birth control out 2 months ago. If you ask me they don't need another... Continue Reading →

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